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My Most Requested Topics

Confidence at Work Slide Confidence at Work – Confidence is one of those concepts that everyone instinctively understands, but if you ask people to define it, you get a variety of answers. We all intuitively know that confidence matters and that a lack of it impedes professional effectiveness and career progression as well as personal well-being and satisfaction.  Those who lack confidence tend to play it safe, avoid taking risks and rising to new challenges and new situations. All of which is likely to decrease an individual’s chances of reaching his or her full potential leaving both the organisation and the individual poorer as a consequence.

Perfectionism Speaker SlideWhy Perfectionism Doesn’t Pay – The issues connected to perfectionism are closely associated with organisations and employees who aspire to deliver work at the highest possible standards. Yet perfectionists, with their high levels of anxiety, reluctance to delegate, and fear of disapproval can create organisational and team tensions while frequently finding the transition to management and executive roles particularly challenging.


Cognitive Behavioural Coaching SlideCognitive Behavioural Coaching – Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC) is a Coaching Model that enables individuals to use a range of strategies to identify and challenge self-defeating thinking and behaviours as well as develop effective problem solving skills.
CBC is an approach strongly linked to achieving measurable outcomes with a robust behavioural contracting process. It has been used successfully with teams, individuals and to deal with a range of coaching issues.

Resilience at Work Speaker SlideResilience at Work – What is resilience and why is it an important factor in today’s uncertain economic climate? How does resilience enhance confidence, creativity and increase individual stamina? What benefits do organizations gain from having a resilient workforce? With employee engagement a key factor in driving success and with reducing stress related absence. With clinical conditions such as depression and anxiety on the increase, coaching can help individuals and organizations ensure they meet the challenges of 21st century by ensuring the well-being of individuals and improving individual and team interactions.

Positive Profits Speaker SlidePositive Profits – Positive Psychology has an evidence base and takes a scientifically informed perspective about what works and what makes life worth living. It considers the value of identifying and working to individual strengths and the skills required for developing and maintaining a position of excellence, while ensuring that psychological health is maintained and increased even under difficult circumstances. When individuals use their strengths and develop ways to overcome and/or manage their limitations this has a positive effect not only for the individual but for the organizations they work for. A productive and creative workforce is a key to adding to the bottom line.


MBCC SlideMindfulness Based Cognitive Coaching – Mindfulness Based Cognitive Coaching (MBCC) is the latest development that draws upon the strategies of Mindfulness Based approaches and the skills and methodology of Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC). MBCC is applied to client groups who do not fall within the medical or therapeutic client arenas. It is used in individual coaching programmes as well as within a group context within organizations to increase individual resilience, creativity and productivity with proven psychological and physical benefits.

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Upcoming Engagements


19 September – Yes, Confidence Can be Taught. ISMA – International Stress Management Association Online Webinar.

21 June – Alumni Event with guest Gladeana McMahon – The Foundation for Recovery and Wellness.

16 February – 2017 – Make it your Best Year Yet. Eastbourne Life Coaching Meetup Workshop

More events coming soon …

Previous Engagements

Integrating Human Health within the Executive Coaching Role – Introduction to Executive Recovery and Wellness Coaching Workshop. AOEC – Academy of Executive Coaching Workshop

Integrating Human Health within the Executive Coaching Role – Introduction to Executive Recovery and Wellness Coaching Webinar. AOEC – Academy of Executive Coaching Free Online Webinar.

Confidence Coaching a Cognitive Behavioural Coaching Approach. ISMA – International Stress Management Association Online Webinar.

“A CBC Introduction to Resilience Coaching” Richmond Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Group

Topic: To Be Announced. FRC Conference – “Bringing Coaching into Recovery, Wellness & Healthcare” London.

“Building Resilience”. IRWCC World ONLINE Conference

“Effective Resilience Strategies for Effective People” Webinar for Imperial College, Business School, London

‘Positive Growth Masterclass’ for NW Employers Organisation, Warrington

‘Positive Growth Masterclass’ for Tameside Borough Council, Manchester

“Cognitive Behavioural Coaching” – Recovery Coaching Foundation at Goldsmiths University, London

“Effective Strategies for Effective Leaders” – Buzzacott, London

When Einstein Met Buddha – ECL Conference
(Click the link and listen to me being interviewed about this Mindfulness Based Cognitive Coaching session)

“An Introduction to Cognitive Behavioural Coaching” – Aberdeen Workshop

“Cognitive Behavioural Coaching” – Thames Valley CIPD

“Coaching Skills for Counsellors and Psychotherapists” – Salisbury CPD

“Surviving & Thriving – Organisational and Team Resilience” – North West Employers Organisation

“When Einstein Met Buddha – Mindfulness Based Cognitive Coaching” – Aberdeen Association for Coaching

“When the Going Gets Tough – Resilience Coaching” – BP North Sea Women’s Network

“How to Use the Media and Win” – Employee Assistance Professionals Association

“Cognitive Behavioural Coaching for Therapists”: Psychotherapy UK Workshop – Leader

“Understanding Cognitive Behavioural Coaching”: AREBT Annual Conference – Keynote

“Mindfulness – Use it as a Tool to Improve Employee Resilience and Productivity”: – Aston Business School, Birmingham  – Workshop Leader

“An Introduction to Cognitive Behavioural Coaching” – Thames Valley CIPD Coaching & Mentoring Group

“Mindfulness in Business Coaching”: Mindfulness in the Workplace Web Seminar –
“International Recovery Coaching”: International Recovering Coaching Conference, London

“Pushing The Boundaries”: Association for Counselling at Work Annual Conference
“Success does not Necessarily mean Fulfilment”: Royal Bank of Scotland Top Talent Keynote

“Thriving, not Surviving” : Gladeana McMahon & Grahame Russell, Penna, London CIPD Conference, HR Facing the Future
“Towards Professional Standards and Ethics”: EMCC
“Stress Coaching and Confidence”: Belfast Cognitive Therapy Centre
“The Long Arm of the Law”: Association for Counselling at Work, Annual Conference
“Diversity and Efficacy in CBT”: Mole Conferences
“Burnout”, AUCC Conference
“Marital Myths – A Cognitive Model”: BACP Regional Conference, Nottingham.
“Cognitive Behavioural Counselling and Bereavement”: Annual Conference, Brent Bereavement Conference
“Cognitive Behavioural Counselling”: CPC and Mole Regional Conferences (London, Newcastle, Exeter, Birmingham and Cambridge)
“Coaching, Fact or Fiction”: Mole Conferences
“Cognitive Behavioural Approaches to Trauma”: Mole Conferences
“The Therapeutic Society”: Royal Society of Arts & The Institute of Ideas
“The Counselling Debate”: Institute of Psychiatry
“Setting Up In Private Practice”: PRG Conference
“What is Counselling?”: QUITLINE Annual Conference
“Professionalism in Counselling”: British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, Annual Conference
“The Way Forward”: British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, Annual Conference

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